The Statue of Liberty is built to represent peace and hope and it was given as a gift from France to the USA. There was a formidable friendship between the USA and France particularly during the American Revolution.

In fact, the French had extended their support to Americans as both were against the British rule. France appreciated how America is becoming successful in establishing democracy. During a party hosted by Edouard Rene Lefebvre de Laboulaye (a well-known personality among the French intellectuals), a small group of individuals engaged in a discussion about the success of the Americans in terms of establishing democracy. Those who took part in this discussion were against the Napoleon III regime as well.

During this discussion, they mainly talked about strengthening the bonds between France and America. The group members talked with both admiration and sympathy. This discussion and its tone were noticed by Laboulaye and as a result, he called them two sisters. His thought went far and he thought about a unique, precious and memorable gift from France to America. He presented this idea to the crowd and Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi (one of the guests at the party) was impressed with it. In fact, Bartholdi was a sculptor. Bartholdi already had sculpted some grand projects and designing a massive piece like the Statue of Liberty was an exciting task for him.

The Statue of Liberty carries the influences of Neoclassical art which was very popular during the 19th century. The Statue of Liberty is designed according to the features of “Libertas”, the goddess of freedom. To make their dream a reality, Bartholdi was asked to pay a visit to America. He carried paperwork that provides some introduction from Laboulaye and they were presented to some of the influential men in America. His visit to America took place back in 1871.

Everything went in the correct direction and the project got started. The pedestal of the statue is 89 feet tall and its architect was Richard Morris Hunt. The statue was engineered by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (yes, the very person who engineered Eiffel Tower). The entire construction project was handled by General Charles P. Stone. Gaget, Gauthier & Company (based in France) played the role of the foundry for the sculpture.

This magnificent piece was declared as a national monument back in October 1924 by the then-president Calvin Coolidge. Its maintenance and administration were taken over by the National Park Service in 1933.

Once completed, they had used about 24,000 tons of concrete and the statue stands 52 feet 10 inches high. The head is made out of copper and it was the first-ever statue that allows visitors to climb inside using a steel ladder.

As of today, the Statue of Liberty stands proud in New York Harbor attractive massive crowds across the globe. Pretty much all the vendors listed in the business directory in New York use this statue as a crowd-magnet.

That is exactly why those companies that are enlisted in the business directory in New York use the images and the name of the Statue of Liberty to brand their “New York Origin”.

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